The New Military

The New Military is crucial to our continued advancement as a species and to our survival as a Society. Originally, the word referred to soldiers, acting in groups, and thus there is a social network of actants and activity; an assemblage of distributive agency. In the modern sense it has lost its originality and become attributed to state-sponsored projection of force through the privileged valorization of politically sanctioned industrial-mechanized warfare and weaponry. Aside from swelling the wealth of global arms dealers, it is inefficient in its largess; destructive to infrastructure, economies, and civilization; and injurious and inhumane; especially via refugitive catastrophe.

The New Military, while expressing deep respect for principled professionals of historical precedent, is far more efficient, more socially aware, immensely greener and more ecologically responsible, guided by stringent humanitarian principles, smarter and vastly more capable. The New Military can accomplish more leaving a tiny footprint, in a few days with a phalanx, than what several tedious years of grinding and churning mechanized armies could only dream to achieve via widespread unilateral destruction; and with better and more enduring results. This is due to its insightful integration with the transcendental intangibilities of Global interconnectivity and hybrid sociologies. We have reached the tipping point in Geopolitical affairs where Economies and Information supply-chains are reliant upon embedded diplomacies and emergent complexity far more than upon predict-and-control stratagems in the projection of force or explosive ordinance.